The Maelstrom is about bringing ideas together in an artist-friendly and well-equipped space. We believe in efficient workflows and a chill environment that caters to the needs of an artist. For this reason we have gathered some of the best boutique and state of the art equipment available to equip our studio.

The Maelstrom is a solar-powered professional recording studio. We have a diverse selection of channel strips, pre-amps, effects, cabinets, amplifiers, instruments, and microphones to capture the tone and sound you are looking for. We are gear nuts and always adding gear. Check out The Gallery for pics.


Our equipment

We utilize a variety of plug-ins and Digital Audio Workstation (DAWs). Our PC is a beast and you will be hard pressed to find a system out there that rivals the power this thing has in the studio.

In total we have the ability to simultaneously record in 4 different Isolation Rooms with 40 Channels. When we built our studio we wanted to go with variety and diversity as a foundational building block. With that in mind, we opted for channel strips over a massive console, giving artist many options for capturing the perfect tone.

We have a variety of monitors to provide crystal clear and accurate sound for tracking, mixing, and mastering. We also have some pretty sweet headphones with more than enough for full band sessions.

We have put the time and research into acquiring some of the best microphones out there for recording. We are always adding more and have multiples of many of these mics. Want to use something not listed, talk to us.

Guitar and bass players visiting the studio will have a variety of unique, high-end, or boutique amps available to them. Allowing for a wide range of tones for all your possible needs. We have a broad selection of cabs all loaded with different speakers and setups. This allows us to mix and match until we find the sound you want. We also have an assortment of guitars available to choose from. So bring your own, use ours, or both!

We have lots of effect and pedals. This list is constantly changing but here are the highlights.

Our studio kit is a custom built Aaron Hughes Acoustics kit. All drums are 8-ply Maple shells with brass lugs and diecast hoops on a Pearl Icon rack mount system. We also have a Mapex Saturn Evolution Birch/Walnut kit. In addition, there are a variety of cymbals and snares to choose from. Check out the list below for more details and specifics.

We have a variety of guitars all with varying pickups. This list is constantly changing but here are the highlights.

PArtner with Maelstrom studio